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Card game Poker raspisnoy

Developer: Ellerium Soft

Card Game Raspisnoy Poker ("Up & Down", Georgian Poker).All fans of intellectual games will like this first (and afaik - the only so far) implementation of card game "Raspisnoy Poker" with AI players.This game was very popular in USSR in 1970-1980. This is not like classic poker, this is trick-taking game like "Preference" and "1000". Despite the fact that "Raspisnoy poker" is simpler than Preference, the game is highly gambling and exciting.
Features:- game is designed in Soviet style;- worthy and quick-thinking AI;- high definition graphics;- autosaving every turn;- online table of top players.
You can find more details about game rules in the "Game rules" menu.
*** ATTENTION! Game is designed for devices with at least 480x320 screen resolution ****** The game is optimized for a screen resolution of 800 x 480 up to 1920x1080 ***